Qualified Legal Translators

Immigration offices, governments and NGOs are some of the organisations that require legal document translation services for terms and condition clauses, contracts, intellectual property documents, visa and other immigration documents, instruction manuals for different products and any documents or evidence issued in court. During translation of documents, inaccuracy may result in loss of the intended meaning which may have negative implications in the long run. To ensure that all documents are translated effectively, it is essential that those who provide legal translation services uk have the following qualifications.

Extra information about legal translation services uk

Knowledge of native Language and the language the document is being translated into

This is usually an added advantage for any individual who is engaged in document translation, legal or otherwise. This prevents the loss of important content during translation which may change the meaning of the translated content all together. Knowledge of the native language may not be efficient if the translator does not have great command of the language the document is being translated into. Therefore, advanced knowledge in both languages is required. This can be acquired through language classes over time.

Knowledge of legal terminologies, requirements and law in general

To translate a legal document, you need in depth knowledge of the law and legal terminologies. The meaning of words in legal context can be entirely different from the meaning of the words. In addition, a phrase of legal terms can be interpreted differently by different people. Therefore, it is essential to be extremely careful with words and phrases used in the document to prevent distorting the intended meaning.

Experience in law and translation

Experience ensures that the translator has understood the use of different words and phrases in different contexts. This implies that they are at a position to effectively translate a document without losing its intended message or meaning. There are things that cannot be learnt in class and this is where experience comes in handy. The higher the level of experience, the more likely it is for a person to provide high quality services. Therefore, working with people who have experience in translating documents is an added advantage.

Legal implications

Poor translation services will lead to miscommunication. This may result in legal suits which may not only be expensive but they may also lead to jail term or penalties for the organisation and its employees. A legal suit may negatively affect the reputation of a company leading to loss of clients, partners and other fundamental stakeholders. In the long term, what may appear like a small misrepresentation may lead to the collapse of a large organisation.


Most of the time, documents that are being translated are confidential documents. At times, these may contain top company secrets. The translator is tasked with ensuring that the information contained in all these documents remains confidential. It is also up to the translator to ensure that the documents are not accessed by unauthorised personnel.

Other skills

There are so many languages into which documents can be translated. While you may understand different languages, specialisation is important. This gives you the chance to perfect your knowledge and skills in that language. Specialisation is therefore advisable for all translators. Besides this, it is essential that the person tasked with providing legal translation services UK be accurate, time conscious and efficient.